Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Big Breakfast Makeover!

This week I am cooking breakfast for a group of men in our church. My husband meets to pray with them every Friday morning at 6 am for an hour before work. This week as it is Good Friday they are having breakfast together afterwards. Last year they went to a local Cafe for a traditional 'greasy spoon' fry up. This year my husband asked if I could cook them breakfast and a healthier alternative to the Greasy spoon. I really want to show them that a cooked breakfast can be a lot lower in calories and saturated fat but still include all the favourites and taste delicious. A traditional full English Breakfast usually consists of the following:

Fried eggs (107 calories, 8.3g of fat per egg) 
Fried back bacon (116 calories, 10.2g fat per rasher) 
Fried pork sausages (127 calories, 10g fat per sausage) 
Buttered toast (130 calories for a buttered slice) 
Cup of tea (27 calories per cup with a dash of semi skimmed milk) 

Then there are the extras
Baked beans (151 calories per half can) 
Tinned tomatoes (35 calories per half can) 
Fresh tomato (77 calories, fried) 
Black or white pudding (150 calories, fried) 

Mushrooms (69 calories, fried) 
Fried bread (231 calories, fried) 
Hash browns (140 calories each) 
Brown sauce (18 calories per tbsp) 
Tomato ketchup (15 calories per tbsp) 
Marmalade (49 calories per tbsp)

Its easy to see how the calories can add up and make the average full English 1400 calories and at least 40g of fat! It is a breakfast that dates back to the industrial revolution when workers needed a hearty breakfast to set them up for the day. It is still enjoyed by many today up and down the country. Whilst the traditional greasy soon is high in calories, fat and salt it is possible to achieve a healthier alternative at home that still tastes great. 

Instead of fried egg opt to poach or scramble it. Choose to grill the bacon, sausages and tomatoes. Use the grill in the oven, a George Foreman or a griddle pan. This way you will be cutting down a lot on saturated fat. Add a can of baked beans instead of the fried bread to increase the fibre content. Bake some large portobello mushrooms instead of fried mushrooms. Choose sausages that  are high in meat content (a minimum of 86% pork for example). Many supermarkets now do lower fat sausages which don't compromise on taste. This week I am going to be trying Waitrose's Pork and Venison sausages which are 93 calories each with 4.0g fat. 

Here is how my Healthier Take on the Full English looks

1 egg scrambled (80 calories)

1 grilled rasher of lean back bacon (72 calories)
1 grilled sausage (pork and venison 93 calories)
1 grilled tomato (30 calories)
1 grilled portobello mushroom (30 calories)
1/4 can of baked beans 100g (100 calories)

1 glass of orange juice 200ml (90 calories) .

Total 495 calories 

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. It kick starts your metabolism and provides you with the energy you need to be alert and ready for the day ahead. It should be filling, wholesome and energising. The breakfast above is just that. Full of protein and low in fat and salt it provides you with 3 of your five a day and is also a great source of fibre. Why not give it a go this Easter weekend. 

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